Christmas in Norway

As I mentioned in my post about all the Christmas-themed food here, Norway does Christmas big. It's a pretty sight to see all the huge, live trees and lights all around town, and it's been fun to experience how a different country celebrates this season. I've taken lots of pictures over the last month so … Continue reading Christmas in Norway


Jule-themed Food

Before we moved to Norway, I would have said that America does Christmas big, but it turns out, the good ol' USA doesn't have anything on Norway. Now that it's Jul (Christmas) time, we get to enjoy the unique experience of celebrating Christmas in a different country and learning all about their holiday traditions. One … Continue reading Jule-themed Food

Fjord Tour

We recently went on a short 3 hour fjord tour from Bergen that goes up to the tiny village of Mo along the Osterfjord and the scenery along the way was beautiful! One of the things that Norway is known for, aside from the Northern Lights, is its fjords, which are U-shaped valleys filled with … Continue reading Fjord Tour