Jule-themed Food

Before we moved to Norway, I would have said that America does Christmas big, but it turns out, the good ol’ USA doesn’t have anything on Norway. Now that it’s Jul (Christmas) time, we get to enjoy the unique experience of celebrating Christmas in a different country and learning all about their holiday traditions.

One of the first things we were surprised to see in the stores when they started putting out holiday items was all the Jule-themed food items from Christmas soda and chips, to marzipan overload, even to Christmas-themed cheese.

There’s even Christmas-themed meat. I’m very leery of it. I’m not sure what makes it’s “Christmas” but I’m guessing it’s probably just Christmas themed names and packaging.

To get us into the Christmas spirit (and because we really were curious about some of the Christmas-themed food items we’ve been seeing), we chose 7 items for a little taste test video.

Hope you enjoy this little look into some Norwegian Jule-themed treats!

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