In Search of Fall

Fall is my favorite season. At home in the U.S., I always decorate for it and I love all the pumpkins and fall decor in the stores and all the fall activities happening around town.

When we lived in South Louisiana, we didn’t really get to see a lot of fall foliage, but when we moved to Alabama, we finally got to see some changing leaves, but never on display like they are here in Norway.

The trees on Mt Fløyen, the mountain we see from our balcony, are rapidly changing colors and I’m excited to have a front row view to this show!

It’s been hard to get some decent pictures from afar, though, so we set out yesterday to hike back up Mt Fløyen for some up close views of the changing leaves. Once we got to the top, we also took a trail to see some areas we haven’t seen before and also found a really cool playground (picture of it at the end).

Happy Fall from Norway!

(Note: some of these pics don’t have colored leaves in them. I took them because I thought it was pretty–such as the moss covered areas.)


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