Fjord Tour

We recently went on a short 3 hour fjord tour from Bergen that goes up to the tiny village of Mo along the Osterfjord and the scenery along the way was beautiful!

One of the things that Norway is known for, aside from the Northern Lights, is its fjords, which are U-shaped valleys filled with water that were carved out over millions of years by glaciers. Osterfjord is as small fjord that is close to Bergen, which is known as the “gateway to the fjords of Norway.” The two famous, big ones are not that far away but those fjord tours are all day ones and much more money. We hope to be able to see one of those bigger fjords later on. For now, though, the shorter tour through this fjord was worth it and I can only imagine how spectacular the bigger fjords are.

The farm houses along the fjord are just so picturesque and the little white churches were adorable. They even stopped our boat at a waterfall and collected water from it that we all sampled. It tasted just like our tap water.

Here are a ton of pictures that I took of our fjord tour.

*If anyone stumbles across this post and is a Fulbrighter to Bergen or is visiting Bergen and wanting specifics, we booked this thru Rodne Fjord and this is the Bergen to Mostraumen tour. (Rodne is a little cheaper than some of the other fjord tours for this exact tour.)

The tiny village of Mo. So cute!


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