Chasing Mountains

We’ve always liked hiking, but obviously, it’s WAY better here in Norway!

A while back, I shared pictures from our hike up Mt Fløyen, but never shared two other hikes we did.

There are seven mountains surrounding Bergen so we now have done 3 of them. Since then, it’s been harder to catch some good weekend days because of the rain and other plans we’ve had, and it’s starting to get colder, so we’ll probably hike the others in the spring. We’re also hoping to have built up enough endurance to hike Pulpit Rock near Stavanger in the spring as well.


This is the mountain behind our house. It’s VERY rocky, like most of the trails around here are. We hiked it on a Sunday and took a picnic lunch with us.


Mt Ulriken is the highest mountain in Bergen and they offer a cable car to the top. Matt was able to get free cable car tickets, so we went after church one Sunday afternoon with the intention to just look around at the top and not spend a lot of time up there. However, once we got up there, we decided to take one of the short trails that loops around the top that was around 2 miles long. This mountaintop experience offered some of the best scenery as there are picturesque cabins dotted around the landscape as well as sheep and goats.

If you hike around the top of Mt Ulriken, though, you should stay on the trails. Even if the sheep are begging you to stray. We learned that lesson the hard way when the sheep lured us away and we had a hard time finding a way back to the trail that didn’t involve walking thru marshy areas full of water or literally scaling the steep sides of the rocky formations that are at the top of the mountain. Three of us went the marshy route, one of us went that rocky route and found herself dangling roughly 20 feet from the ground from a rock formation hanging onto a clump of glass trying to get her footing on what little pieces of rock there were jutting out. Lesson learned. I survived with just a small cut on my finger and a newfound respect for the trail. At least there were no witnesses! 😂


3 thoughts on “Chasing Mountains

    1. Most Norwegians have cabins in the mountains and it’s where they’ll spend the weekend. Most of them have places out of town, but some have built theirs on the mountains here in town. So they aren’t lived in full time.


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