A Hike Up Mt Fløyen

Last Sunday, we made the hike up Mt Fløyen which is the mountain you can see from our balcony.

Here are some pictures from our day and the gorgeous Norwegian forest!

At the beginning of the walk up, there were about a dozen trees that had colorful crocheted wraps around them.
These pretty purple wildflowers are all over the mountain.

Not sure if these red berries on this tree are edible, but there are lots of blueberries, raspberries, etc that grow wild in the Norwegian forests that everyone is free to forage and that are edible.
Ferns also can be seen all over the mountain.

The theme of this mountain is trolls! This is a troll forest.

By the time we made it home that day, we’d walked 7 miles with 27 flights of stairs. I definitely felt it the next day! Haha! Mt Fløyen is just one of the seven mountains surrounding Bergen, so there will definitely be lots more hiking in our future (which we love) as we explore all of them.

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