Taste Test #1 — Spreads

A normal sandwich here in Norway usually consists of one slice of bread and some type of spread, so we thought we’d make a little taste test video to show you a few spreads that we tried the other day.

You might be wondering, “Why just one slice of bread?” Well, I’m not sure, but the bread here isn’t like your typical bread in the U.S. It’s thicker and is actual fresh loaves of bread that you then put in the bread slicer at the store. You can also buy it pre-sliced. (We haven’t worked up the courage to figure out how the bread slicing machine works.) It most certainly has less preservatives since it doesn’t keep as long. And since it’s thicker, making a traditional U.S. sandwich out of it results in a very dry mouthful of bread!

We’ll definitely be sharing more taste testing videos soon!

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