Getting Settled — Part 2

Click here to read Part 1, if you missed it.

While we arrived in Bergen on schedule, our 8 checked bags didn’t. Because of the super short layover in Amsterdam, they couldn’t get them on our flight, but they sent them on the next one and delivered them to us on Thursday morning. Bright side: we didn’t have to drag all those bags out of the airport to get a taxi and had them delivered to our door instead. Downside: I had to spend another day worrying about whether all our bags made it or not. (They did and thankfully, they were all in tact and nothing was missing from them.)

Our landlord was out of town for work so his sister and mom met us at the apartment after we landed on Wednesday to let us in and show us around. After they left we walked to the grocery store next door. It was so overwhelming (and still is–I’ll be writing an entire post about grocery shopping very soon) and we were so exhausted that I didn’t have the mental energy to Google translate everything so we just grabbed a frozen pizza for lunch. While it was baking, everyone fell asleep on me, so after I took the pizza out of the oven, I took a nap too. All we really wanted to do at that point was take a shower and go to bed, but we had no towels and washclothes and no sheets. So after a little nap, we jumped right in and figured out the bus system so we could go to IKEA.

Thankfully, our landlord’s sister was super helpful before she left and had texted me the Norwegian words for the bedding items we needed to buy. Like I said earlier, we needed sheets, and in the U.S. you would take that to mean a fitted sheet and a top sheet, right? That’s not what “sheets” mean in Norway. It means a fitted sheet and a duvet cover (they don’t use top sheets here). Also, about those duvets…everyone gets their own. Yep, we’re all sleeping with our own little individual covers. Matt loves it because he doesn’t have to worry about me stealing the covers, I guess. I don’t like it because by morning time both covers are a tangled mess and in John Hayden and Juliette’s bed (they’re sharing one while in Norway), his is usually on the floor and they’re barely sharing one. 😂 This is what a bed in Norway looks like when it’s “made” (and I’m using that term loosely because basically they just fold the duvets in half lengthwise and lay them on the bed).

Since we have a king bed and I don’t like seeing the fitted sheet, I just lay ours flat and overlap them.

We got home a little before 10 pm (it was still light out, which has been a huge adjustment for us and also means no one has been going to bed until 11 pm or later). On our walk home from the IKEA bus stop, we passed people eating outside of restaurants, a soccer game in progress, and many people with kids still walking around–after 9 pm at night! So crazy!

This is what it looked like at 9:30 pm tonight!

We were all so happy to finally be able to take a shower and go to bed, except it was SO hot. We’re on the 7th floor of 8 so all the heat is rising up to us. There are no fans/central air/etc so all you can do is open the windows which is more difficult to do at night since it rains in Bergen all the time. We were so uncomfortable but so tired that it didn’t bother us as much the first night. After 2 nights of sweaty sleep, we went and bought what seemed to be the only fan in Bergen–it was hard to find–and now it’s much better! I haven’t sweated in our apartment since day 2, so either my body is adjusting, it’s cooled off a little here, or our constant window opening is paying off.

This gorgeous nighttime view from our balcony (which can also be seen from the room and both bedrooms) also makes it hard to go to sleep!

At 7 am on Thursday, the jack hammer from the construction work outside our apartment started. Ugh! Everyone else seemed to have no problem sleeping through it, but I was up (and hot!). Matt and Juliette woke up around mid-morning and went exploring, while I let John Hayden sleep as long as he wanted. After 13 hours of sleep, John Hayden woke up at 1 pm and started throwing up. He’d barely eaten the day before and was probably the most exhausted of all of us so I’m fairly certain it was just really bad jet lag for him. By evening, he was feeling better and I’d been able to get him to eat; by the next day, he was back to his normal self.

Our first few days were a tad eventful but it could have been much worse! Glad to have that long travel time and jet lag behind us now and the energy to explore our new surroundings!

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