Luggage Tetris, Labor, and the Grocery Store

Luggage Tetris, labor, and the grocery store — just another night in my dreams here lately! As our days left in the U.S. dwindle down quickly, my dreams–apparently not wanting to be outdone by my stress level–have ramped up and these three random things keep making an appearance.

Luggage has been a worry of mine since day one — from how much it costs, to whether buying cheaper luggage will result in our luggage not making it there intact, to how we’re going to fit everything we need for a year abroad in just two checked bags each for a climate way more varied than the Deep South’s, and even the fear of some of our bags and their contents not making it to Baggage Claim at all. So, it’s no surprise the minute I close my eyes, my subconscious starts arranging and rearranging our luggage. Or in my case, rolling and rerolling it, which is my go-to packing method.

Except, as you can see above, my luggage–using the rolling method–is already full and I still need to add the clothes I’m currently wearing. During a recent night of troubling sleep (brought about by a steroid shot I had received earlier in the day), I awoke with a plan on how to repack it. Juliette got involved, (and when she gets involved, videoing always ensues) so I present this riveting time-lapse video of the burrito folding method. (Frankly, if you’re still even reading at this point, I’m impressed because even writing this much at length about packing luggage is boring me.) NOTE: This is not a new method. I just saw it a long time ago, forgot about it, then remembered it in my dreams.

See all that space in the top for another “burrito” of clothing? Isn’t it crazy how folding your clothes differently can create more space? I was skeptical it would, but now I’m sold. (I did roll a few jackets at the end to put on the top but basically this is just two big burritos of clothing.)

Now that I’ve changed your life with that little video, back to those crazy dreams. Specifically, labor dreams. I’ve had multiple dreams over the last month or so that either involved me giving birth (one time assisted by Carrie Underwood…so random) or witnessing someone giving birth (in a church particularly…also so random). According to Google, dreaming about giving birth when you’re not expecting and AREN’T YEARNING TO BE (emphasis mine) can symbolize that you’re entering a new phase in your life and a lot of changes will soon be taking place. Sounds like that came out of a fortune cookie, but it definitely hits the nail on the head!

A final Norway-related item that has recently started popping up in my dreams is the grocery store. Not American grocery stores. Norwegian ones.

For you more adventurous folks, I’m sure the thought of trying new foods and the challenge of reading food labels written in a different language sounds exciting. It stresses me. (Surprise, surprise!) Since I’m a planner–and a dork–months ago I downloaded the Norwegian app Mattilbud (translation: food service) so I could see the grocery store ads for Norway. Norway is VERY expensive and we’ll be living on a very frugal budget so it’s natural that as the time to leave gets closer, I’ve started thinking and even dreaming more about what cooking and eating will look like for us. As I’ve started compiling my favorites recipes in an app on my phone so that I don’t have to bring cookbooks to Norway with me, I’ve come to realize that I’m going to have to get a lot better at cooking completely from scratch! (That in itself will be an adventure for everyone involved! Lol)

I’m normally not the type to get stressed out easily but for the sake of transparency, I’ll admit that this move and everything it entails has definitely been stressful. I’m looking forward to putting my fears of the unknown to rest and hope to soon be trading luggage, labor, and groceries for gorgeous Norway scenery in my dreams!

2 thoughts on “Luggage Tetris, Labor, and the Grocery Store

  1. One thing, you can roll much tighter. Although I roll each piece individually and have never experimented with stacking and rolling several things together. Maybe you *can* fit more that way. It’s a daunting task preparing to move so far and to such a (literally) foreign land! But just remember, nothing happens by accident and if you were not meant to be going there, you would not be. Have faith that universe/God/guardian angels/spirit guides are with you and together, with your prior proper planning, things are going to work out just fine! Going to be an adventure of a lifetime you and your family will never forget! (Understatement of the year award!) LOL!! Exciting to be able to share the journey with you! 😀 Hugs and love, Jenna

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