62 days and counting…

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over 5 months since we found out we were moving to Norway for a year. The time has flown by and I’m not gonna lie, my anxiety levels are starting to rise. Deep breaths! lol


We’ve made some major progress, though, in getting ready for the big move. Through about a month-long process, looking at lots of pictures, and even having an American expat on the ground in Bergen looking at some places for us, we found an apartment and have signed a rental agreement on it. (In case you missed the video of us recreating House Hunters International as we showed you our top 3 housing choices and revealed our choice, click here.)


We also went through the very tedious process of submitting our immigration paperwork, which I’m pretty sure asked for everything from us except a blood sample! Part of that process included all of us having to show up in person in front of the Norwegian Consulate in Atlanta to hand in the paperwork. (Since we’re staying in Norway for more than 3 months, we have to have a residence permit instead of a visa, which isn’t needed to travel there.) It’s been over a month since we submitted everything and our permits haven’t been approved yet. Hopefully the processing doesn’t take much longer as I really don’t want to have to figure out what to do when we don’t have ours approved and it’s time to leave! Eek!

Our flights have also been booked. We’re flying out July 31st and will be going through Amsterdam. It’s around a 9 hour flight from Atlanta and the first flight ever for the kids. Go big or go home, huh? We intentionally purchased seats back to back instead of sitting in a row across from each other so that if John Hayden turns out to be one of those pesky seat kickers, he’ll be kicking his sister or dad’s seat and not a strangers. Juliette wants to vlog the flight over. I suspect by the time we get there, jet lagged, we won’t be able to post the video because we’ll all be an emotional hot mess. Having to deal with a high energy 5 year old on a long international flight sounds like the making of a sitcom episode except no one’s going to be giving me a nice chunk of change to act it out! lol

We still need to sell Matt’s car and finalize what to do with mine while we’re away. Hopefully those plans go smoothly for us. We also now have a climate-controlled storage unit and are going to start gradually taking boxes over there every weekend so that all that is left the weekend before we leave is the furniture.

I still have a good bit on my to-do list, as well as my to-buy list, but looking forward to getting this show on the road…and to having some blog-worthy pics and stories for you from Norway! 62 days and counting!!





2 thoughts on “62 days and counting…

  1. The kids will do great on the flights. Hannah Victoria was 3 yrs old the first time we flew her to Europe. Now both kids have been all over the world. Kids love long flights. Don’t be nervous! Kids are way more flexible than adults!! Enjoy the adventure, Amanda

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  2. Hi Melissa. I’m so excited for you! Your entire family will not regret this experience in Norway. I’m am an Army brat and lived in Germany from first grade though third grade. We were sent back when I started fifth grade and came home after sixth grade. It was a fabulous experience! Don’t be afraid of anything. My parents knew way less than you and no one but those on Army bases spoke english. That didn’t stop us. We went all over the place and had the best time! I’m so happy for all of you (and proud of your hubby!) What a great opportunity!

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