Fjell Festning

About a month ago we went to Fjell Festning, a military fort built by the Germans in 1942 during their occupation of Norway. They used Russian POWs for labor and it also served as a POW camp. The main feature was underneath where the triple gun turret set that could shoot out towards the North … Continue reading Fjell Festning


Vidden & Troldhaugen

Vidden Vidden is the name given to the 8 mile hike between the mountains Ulriken and Fløyen. Originally we were going to take the cable car up Ulriken, but we couldn’t get the free tickets for that from the university and it’s pretty expensive even just one way for a family of 4, so we … Continue reading Vidden & Troldhaugen

May 17th

May 17th is Norway's Constitution Day (kind of like America's Fourth of July). Norwegians start celebrating early by having a big breakfast together, and then they head to the parades in the city center, as well as celebrate with their child's school with a neighborhood parade and party there. Norway is a very casually dressed … Continue reading May 17th