Waterfall & Farm Ruins

Last Saturday we took a little hike (it was more like a walk, though, since it was so easy) to the lower valley area between the two mountains Ulriken and Fløyen. We were going in search of the Bogstifossen waterfall and some old farm ruins that are now part of a cultural trail. The ruins … Continue reading Waterfall & Farm Ruins

Gamle Bergen (Old Bergen)

Before we left Bergen I wanted some pictures taken of us with a backdrop of some of the cobblestone streets and the super cute houses and shops here, but I waited too late and never set up a photographer. It also seemed it would be a difficult task to arrange since the weather has been … Continue reading Gamle Bergen (Old Bergen)


The kids were out of school last Monday for Pentecost (a national holiday here in Norway, and yes, we were STILL in school...last day was today, though, yay!). So we checked another thing off our To Do Before We Leave List: the arboretum. This place was way bigger than I thought it was going to … Continue reading Arboretum

May 17th

May 17th is Norway's Constitution Day (kind of like America's Fourth of July). Norwegians start celebrating early by having a big breakfast together, and then they head to the parades in the city center, as well as celebrate with their child's school with a neighborhood parade and party there. Norway is a very casually dressed … Continue reading May 17th